Expert Witness: Options & Futures, Trading and Complex Securities

Navesink International offers expert witness services for options, trading, derivatives, complex securities, investigations for litigation, and arbitrations. We are a leading authority in complex securities and securities litigation. Navesink was founded by Gontran de Quillacq who is recognized as highly credible and uniquely qualified for high-stakes complex securities litigation. Navesink’s expert witnesses have supported securities lawsuits and arbitrations involving losses, risks, frauds, manipulations, and wrongful uses of derivatives within the larger framework of quantitative investments, investment principals, hedge funds, and financial markets.

Options, derivatives and structured products are highly complex securities. Academia and books can lead to basic understanding and competency, but mastery and subject matter expertise can only come from deep industry experience. With 25 years of industry practice, Gontran is a recognized securities expert with deep and current industry know-how, as well as an exceptional background. He is a much sought after speaker and a recognized financial instruments and securities litigation thought leader among both attorneys and investment/trading professionals. He has the unique ability to be able to explain difficult and complex securities issues; communicate them with clarity and authority; and, present them in a convincing manner. This makes him a much sought after expert witness and a leading authority in the field.

Gontran is a member of the Securities Expert Roundtable and an IMS EliteXpertExpert witness clients and partners include AnkuraBarrington Financial Consulting GroupThe Bates GroupGlobal Economics GroupMoskalev Consulting and SEDA Experts, allowing Navesink International to handle the largest and most technical cases over a long period of time.

Navesink International’s expert witness, litigation support, and legal consulting services refer to the most challenging topics in options, futures, swaps, trading and complex securities investigations, as well as other market & investment subjects. We provide written expert reports, depositions and testimonies for lawsuits and arbitrations. Navesink International is retained by the most prominent attorneys and law firms for litigation support and expert witness services for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Click here to schedule a call to find out more about our litigation support and expert witness service and how we can help you, to confidentially discuss your case or to find out more about Navesink International.  


Storm on the horizon

Macro uncertainty as predictor of market volatility

A good explanation on the relationship between market volatility and economic uncertainty from  Ralph Sueppel at Macrosynergy. Stocks are priced as the discounted value of future factors. The variability of these cash-flow is insufficient to explain market volatility....

The schizophrenic behavior of Mr. Market. A bi-modal view of option-implicit asset returns

An interesting article from Vineer Bhansali and Jeremie Holdom at LongTail Alpha offers a bi-modality interpretation of return expectations. The analysis offers some an interesting analysis of asset price forecasts implicit in option prices, as well as applications in...

Europe will regret stealing London’s finance business… NOT

Bloomberg's editorial board thinks that competition, not regulation, should divert financial business from London to Europe. Here are the arguments put forward: Concentrating activities in a single location allows for economies of scale. Europe's diversity of...
Boat stuck in the sand

Is UK Inc. just fishing? Let’s hope not, for Brexit’s sake

We are barely two weeks into Brexit, and the UK fishing industry seems in serious trouble. Let's hope the rest of the UK isn't right behind. Fishermen have overwhelmingly voted to leave, as the Common Fishery Policies gave access to UK waters to European fishing boats...
Role of the expert, practically speaking

The role of the expert witness, practically speaking

This short video explains the role of the expert witness, practically speaking. A lawsuit is not as simple as a day in court. there are many steps beforehand. The expert witness brings his valuable experience all along the case, by explaining facts and language,...

SEC’s former whistleblowing chief sues the SEC for changes to the whistleblowing program

There are several whistleblowing programs in the United States, which all encourage and protect insiders to report fraud, waste and crime. The SEC's whistleblower program is probably the most famous, as it has brought numerous and sometimes very large compensations to...
What is an Expert Witness - static picture

What is an expert witness?

This short video explains what is an expert witness, and why Navesink International, with 25 years of industry experience, has a unique proposition for the securities industry. Expert witnesses act as reference professionals in a court of law. They explain the facts...
HRMC poster offshore evasion

You can run but you can’t hide – the end of anonymous US shell companies

With the deluge of national events and political news in this beginning of 2021, this piece of legislation is going under the radar, but it deserves attention. Hidden in the defense bill initially vetoed by President Trump and overridden by Congress, is the Corporate...
Tax thief

Sanjay Shah is charged with stealing $1.6b from Danish tax authorities

One of the main perpetrators for the Cum/Ex fraud, the biggest white collar crime in history, has been charged by the Danish tax authorities. He had defrauded Danish tax authorities by an estimated $1.6 bn and is currently living in self-exile in Dubai. The Cum/Ex...
LinkedIn Gary Cohen header

My grateful thanks to Gary Cohen, financier and social media extraordinaire

My grateful appreciation to a new friend/my friend Gary Cohen for his time, his efforts, as well as his top digital media skills for helping me recreate the Navesink International website and optimizing it from an old-world static site into a new world optimized site....

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