Expert Witness: Options & Futures, Trading and Complex Securities

Navesink International offers expert witness services for options, trading, derivatives, complex securities, investigations for litigation, and arbitrations. We are a leading authority in complex securities and securities litigation. Navesink was founded by Gontran de Quillacq who is recognized as highly credible and uniquely qualified for high-stakes complex securities litigation. Navesink’s expert witnesses have supported securities lawsuits and arbitrations involving losses, risks, frauds, manipulations, and wrongful uses of derivatives within the larger framework of quantitative investments, investment principals, hedge funds, and financial markets.

Options, derivatives and structured products are highly complex securities. Academia and books can lead to basic understanding and competency, but mastery and subject matter expertise can only come from deep industry experience. With 25 years of industry practice, Gontran is a recognized securities expert with deep and current industry know-how, as well as an exceptional background. He is a much sought after speaker and a recognized financial instruments and securities litigation thought leader among both attorneys and investment/trading professionals. He has the unique ability to be able to explain difficult and complex securities issues; communicate them with clarity and authority; and, present them in a convincing manner. This makes him a much sought after expert witness and a leading authority in the field.

Gontran is a member of the Securities Expert Roundtable and an IMS EliteXpertExpert witness clients and partners include AnkuraBarrington Financial Consulting GroupThe Bates GroupGlobal Economics GroupMoskalev Consulting and SEDA Experts, allowing Navesink International to handle the largest and most technical cases over a long period of time.

Navesink International’s expert witness, litigation support, and legal consulting services refer to the most challenging topics in options, futures, swaps, trading and complex securities investigations, as well as other market & investment subjects. We provide written expert reports, depositions and testimonies for lawsuits and arbitrations. Navesink International is retained by the most prominent attorneys and law firms for litigation support and expert witness services for both plaintiffs and defendants.

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Skeleton with a tie

Infinity Q, the new variance swap skeleton?

The information is still a bit sketchy, but Infinity Q may be the new variance swap skeleton in the closet. What we know so far: Infinity Q is a $1.8 bn fund based in NY and incorporated in Delaware, which trades variance swaps. The firm started in May 2014. Its...
Railway Tracks

Should index providers have oversight?

By construction, both ETFs and passive funds are tracking indices, while active funds are benchmarked against indices. ETFs now represent trillions of dollars. They have a wide diversity and as many reference indices. Passive funds ("index trackers") also rank in the...
Lion mirror cat

Roaring Kitty is a Wall Street lion

The first litigation of the GameStop saga is out. It is a class action against Keith Gill, the main WallStreetBets sponsor, and his employer MassMutual. And - surprise! - Mr. Gill isn't exactly Robin Hood. He is actually an experienced broker-dealer with multiple...

Grandma ate the wolves

Many elders are taken advantage of, often by members of their own family. Beverley Schottenstein, 94, is the matriarch of the billionaire Schottenstein family. In 2019, her grand-daughter discovered that Evan and Avi Schottenstein, her two grandsons and JP Morgan...
Old clamp

Are the RobinHood traders going after the VIX?

'When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results." Warren Buffett Three good notes from the derivatives research teams of Morgan Stanley, Société Générale and Nomura point to a potential squeeze in the VIX, as a result of the...

The high price of free trade

Payment For Order Flow is what makes trading for free possible. But free doesn't mean without costs. Here are the hidden costs. What is Payment For Oder Flow? It's a way for a broker dealer to outsource execution for the many stock orders it receives, while getting...
Paul Mora Interpol

Paul Mora receives the first Interpol warrant in the Cum/Ex tax trading strategy

The first international warrant has been served to Paul Mora for his participation as trader in the Cum/Ex tax trading case. Germany, Denmark and Belgium are all trying to extradite Paul Mora, a trader they say was playing a decisive role in the cum-Ex trades,...
Credit Suisse headquarters

How to compound your regulatory problems

Regulatory reports show that Credit Suisse has failed to investigate one of its private bankers despite many years of warnings. It is unfortunately not an isolated issue. Any firm has its share of bad apples, but Credit Suisse seems to be compounding legal and...
Stefan He Qin


Crypto currencies are the new fad - uncorrelated, promised to rise to the moon, and slightly volatile. Many stock traders are leveraging their market experience in this new asset class. They have started hedge funds to attract investors. Quantitative strategies and...

Another Ponzi – $1.7 billion and 17,000 investors

The SEC has just charged GPB and its three managers of running a complex $1.7 bn ponzi scheme, which defrauded 17,000 investors, 4,000 of them seniors. The managers, David Gentile, Jeffrey Lash and Jeffry Schneider, were living large - properties, luxury travels,...

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