Expert Witness: Options & Futures, Trading and Complex Securities

Navesink International offers expert witness services for options, trading, derivatives, complex securities, investigations for litigation, and arbitrations. We are a leading authority in complex securities and securities litigation.

Navesink’s expert witnesses have supported securities lawsuits and arbitrations involving losses, risks, frauds, manipulations, and wrongful uses of derivatives within the larger framework of quantitative investments, investment principals, hedge funds, and financial markets.

Options, derivatives and structured products are highly complex securities. Academia and books can lead to basic understanding and competency, but mastery and subject matter expertise can only come from deep industry experience. With 25 years of industry practice, our expert Gontran de Quillacq is a recognized securities expert with deep and current industry know-how, as well as an exceptional background. He has the unique ability to be able to explain difficult and complex securities issues; communicate them with clarity and authority; and, present them in a convincing manner. This makes him a much sought after expert witness and a leading authority in the field.

Navesink International’s expert witness, litigation support, and legal consulting services refer to the most challenging topics in options, futures, swaps, trading and complex securities investigations, as well as other market & investment subjects. We provide written expert reports, depositions and testimonies for lawsuits and arbitrations. Navesink International is retained by the most prominent attorneys and law firms for litigation support and expert witness services for both plaintiffs and defendants.

This 3 minute video explains what is an expert witness and why Navesink International is unique and uniquely qualified for options & futures, trading, derivatives, complex securities:

Gontran de Quillacq is recognized as highly credible and uniquely qualified for high-stakes complex securities litigation. He is a much sought-after speaker and a recognized financial instruments and securities litigation thought leader among both attorneys and investment/trading professionals. 

Gontran is a member of the Securities Expert Roundtable and an IMS EliteXpertExpert witness clients and partners include AnkuraBarrington Financial Consulting GroupThe Bates GroupGlobal Economics GroupMoskalev Consulting and SEDA Experts, allowing Navesink International to handle the largest and most technical cases over a long period of time.

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Dogecoin Rap, or how social media can pump a crypto high.

Dogecoin Rap unwrap – social media push crypto to a new high price.

The Dogecoin Rap video is funny and right on cue, if you listen carefully. But crypto can only go up via social media advertising, experts say.

We have seen such exuberance in the past. But now the GameStop Redditors who bankrupted hedge funds say that Dogecoin is next.

It very much looks like a “pump”, as in “pump-and-dump”.

Robinhood side effects include headaches, suicide, anxiety, withdrawals and IPO.

Robinhood: side effects include headaches, suicide, addiction, anxiety, withdrawals. And IPO.

Robinhood has demonstrated and deleterious effects on day traders, including enormous tax losses, suicide, anxiety, addiction.

Meanwhile, the firm is the subject of major regulatory and legal procedures, whose outcomes are hidden or unknown.

The firm’s IPO looks very much like passing on the hot potato… again to unsuspecting and inexperienced traders.

Non-Fungible Tokens in Non-Fungible Markets

Non-Fungible Tokens are the new asset class of digital art, and the spearhead of ‘decentralized finance’. Can with reconcile innovation with good sense? NFTs with regulations?

This article reviews their nature, their legal & regulatory difficulties, pinpoints extreme examples, highlights their volatility and more importantly, asks how a digital economy could be constructed around these loosely regulated assets.

Driving a nail in the coffin

The last nail for binary options?

The SEC has hit yet another nail in the binary option coffin, and what a big nail that is. SpotOption was the industrial-size engine behind this global scam.
This article explains binary options, what their true risk really is, how some have weaponized it, the SEC’s actions, as well as shares comments from the investigative press.

SPAC or SPAM, the aftertaste is sour

SPACs, the new blank check companies are not delivering their unicorn promises. Even the prophet’s recommendations are not performing. Surprisingly, Chamath Palihapitiya is nowhere to be seen.

scary spiderweb

ICAP, the spider in the Cum/Ex web

German prosecutors are taking numerous financial institutions to courts over the Cum/Ex fraud, and the banks are suing each other to escape the dues.
The proceedings show ICAP at the center of this web of frauds.

Four-barrel gun

Archegos: the questions nobody asks

What happened at Archegos? A lot has been published already, but many critical questions have still not been asked. After a factual summary / press review, this article asks the missing critical questions.

Rogue, the new numps

“I’m going rogue”, claims the principal

Guy Gentile is a principal with a checkered past: pump-and-dump, lack of registration, soliciting US customers from the Bahamas… He’s not hiding that he went rogue.
He just got sued by the SEC for evading US stock trading regulations. Again.

Cannabis and Wall Street

Cannabis: Wild West meets Wall Street

The cannabis industry is growing up, getting sophisticated. Perceptions are changing, but regulations are inconsistent. The smart money has arrived.
Here are the regulatory, financial, and investment challenges, as well as the opportunities, driving this rapidly evolving market.

Fishing Fly

The Tesla and Bitcoin lures

Two articles coincide into a disappointing conclusion. The casino markets will lure a chunk of the stimulus money into bad investments.

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