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Our Services

Navesink International provides expert witness and legal consulting services for the securities industry in matters related to financial markets. The services we provide are:

Our expertise covers all asset classes:

Areas of concentration

Navesink International provides expert witnesses of the highest quality while not employing consultants or junior expert witnesses.  Our experts have the strongest technical knowledge and are specialists in the following market topics:


The majority of our experts are traders who excel in their careers based on the accuracy of their knowledge. 

Our experts understand commodity drivers, option Greeks, bond durations and complexity without effort.

Practice makes perfect. 

Our industry experts have paid margin calls, listed ADRs, settled assets across borders, handled corporate actions, and securitized warrants for decades.

Financial Markets

Because of their deep understanding, our experts can explain complex issues easily.  Their credibility, personality and eloquence help convince juries and arbitrators. 

Navesink International provides the best industry experts in their respective fields in the world

As competition is fierce and financial markets evolve fast, the best experts require not only the deepest experience, but also extensive IT skills.


Financial markets have evolved into a world of risk control, Basel regulations, and complex equity ratios. 

Expertise must be current.

Case examples


We explained how a prime broker used the wrong risk methodology and ignored industry standards when monitoring a hedge fund, demonstrating that the fund was unduly closed.


We recalculated the value of an option portfolio continuously in a fast market, proving that an account was closed while positive.


We explained the errors in the international settlement of a warrant trade, demonstrating which party was responsible for the failed exercise.


We reverse-engineered a bond convertible into warrants, calculated its ex-ante and realized rates of return, proving that the loan was usury.


We explained how a combination of trades constituted an exotic Formosa structure, correctly reducing a corporation‘s income tax.


We explained how an ETF arbitrager failed to properly re-hedge his portfolio during an index composition change.


We explained linguo and communication standards between traders in a contractual dispute.

Legal Consulting

We explained the option trades of a rogue broker affecting a large number of client accounts, facilitating a FINRA investigation.

Legal Consulting

We explained the strategy, risks and responsibilities of a multi-strategy multi-asset exotics portfolio manager embroiled in an employment dispute.

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