Spontaneous comments from investment professionals & clients, posted with their consent: 


I am an attorney who has worked on FINRA and SEC matters for more than 20 years. In the course of my practice, I have retained Gontran in matters related to futures and options trading. His reports have been thorough, well-researched, well-written, and, most importantly, perfectly accurate.
He has my highest possible recommendation as an expert in futures and options trading“.
      D. B., Attorney, Washington D.C. , January 2021
“Great interview, really enjoyed this discussion, especially haven read or heard about AIMCo and so many loud whispers about some of the driving factors behind the selloff. It is a gift to be able to make a complicated topic accessible to a broad audience without dumbing it down. As a lawyer, I totally understand why Mr. Quillacq, in addition to his knowledge and experience, makes a perfect expert witness. Mr. Green outdoes himself in this interview, demonstrating deep knowledge and enabling the audience to access this great conversation.
      H. M., Attorney, Washington D.C., May 2020 
“Honestly, great interview. A fav. Very intelligent yet not trying to “show off”. The tease about the Bridgewater loss (or not) has me curious…!? The early (very early) mention of product risk was also interesting – personally. I’m thinking Binary options. I’ll look into Gontran’s webpage. Thanks too for the links below RV/Gontran”.
      Matt D., May 2020
“This was an outstanding tutorial. Learned a lot about what not to do as a retail investor, and why not to do it. So Mr. Green, please put on a tutorial with Gontran of how retail can use options to enhance their portfolio. Cannot think of better instructors. Gontran’s comment below, on buying options, not selling them, could be a starting point for the discussion. Cheers.”
      R. M., May 2020 2020
“You have been a consummate professional and I hope to work with you in the coming months.
      A. S., Senior Managing Director, Toronto, Sept 2015
“Great conversation! – thanks for your good will.”
      M. T., Managing partner, Tampa, FL, Oct 2015
“Thanks again, I respect the way you do business — as far as I’m concerned, there aren’t too many folks to whom I can say that.”
      K. H., General partner and Portfolio Manager, Wynnewood, PA, Oct 2015
“Thank you. You work is amazing!”
      V. D., Quant PM, NY, Feb 2016
“I was very impressed with your professionalism and knowledge of the business, and you sit on the very top of my list of investment professional consultant I want to do business with.”
   B. W., Senior Trader, New York, Oct 2015

“Thanks! I now understand what you meant by providing detailed feedback. They are very helpful.”
      L. H., Portfolio Manager, New York, Sept 2015

“Thanks for your patience and consideration. I leant a precious lesson. (…)
Really appreciate your patience and time. Wish you all the best!”
      F. W., Quantitative Research Analyst, Brooklyn, NY, Nov 2015

Thank you for your response (just before the Holidays). (…) I appreciate you making the effort to get back to me.”
    E. K., Equity Option & Arbitrage Trader, Vancouver, Jan 2016

“Thanks a lot for your professional handling. Really appreciate.”
   R. X., Researcher, Jersey City, NJ, Jan 2016

Thank you. I felt you were worth waiting on before I made a final decision, and I do appreciate your honesty and quick response. (…) I also will make sure to recommend you to any friends or ex-colleagues who are talented quant traders or PM’s. “
      B. W., Senior Trader, New York, Oct 2015


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