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Turkey’s fall

The Turkish Lira is free falling. It has been weakening for years (from parity to 12 TRY to the dollar), but the 15% fall on Tuesday is causing a lot of pain and concerns. It could be intentional.


The Rise of Money Launderers on Snapchat and Instagram

An interesting British documentary about how money mules are recruited by larger money launderers, and how easy it is to lure young people into crime for a few grands.

Evergrande default is highly likely, S&P says

This is not good. If you wanted a trigger for a recession, this could be it.
Standard & Poor’s says that Evergrande will default – it cannot sell new constructions.


Leveraged up, leveraged down

Leverage has benefits on the way up, but it has drawdowns on the way down.
Exchanges need to pay the winners, so they HAVE to go after the losers.
You will get sued, and your house and savings are theirs in most cases


Market up, vol up

We are currently in the unusual market situation called “market up, vol up”, where volatilities go up while the market rallies. It is driven by retail purchases into the tiny calls, notably for the small caps and the meme stocks.


Panel Ponzi Prison

A San Francisco couple, founders of a legitimate solar panel company, were sentenced to 15 and 30 years in prison for orchestrating a Ponzi related to equipment leases. They had 150 collectible cars and 32 houses.

US -Flattening

Rates rise, curves flatten, hedge funds lose

There have been some sudden movements in the global rates recently – rate rises, curves flattening, inflation threats.
The big and famous in the hedge fund world are raking significant losses.


The Good Samaritan who stole millions

The good Samaritan William Neil “Doc” Gallagher was actually a Ponzi artist defrauding the Texas Christian community.
He has been sentenced to three life sentences plus 30 years.


Nigeria banned cryptos, introduces CBDC

Nigeria had banned cryptocurrencies earlier this year (to little effect). It has now introduced its CBDC, the eNaira. Currency and government stability are the likely reasons. Other countries will follow.

The pros and cons of crypto markets (vs. regulated markets)

There are structural issues in both the crypto and regulated worlds. But how deep and how frequent are they? Here is a review of Cryptos’ pros and cons.


Competition is for Losers

The most powerful cartels are perfectly legal, and far from James Bond villains. They are doctors, landlords, universities…


The dark web’s regulator

The Cybercriminal underground community has a regulating authority!
It uses disciplinary procedures to reduce the risk for the overall community.

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