YouTube: The role of the Expert Witness, practically speaking

This short video explains the role of the expert witness, practically speaking.

A lawsuit is not as simple as a day in court. there are many steps beforehand. The expert witness brings his valuable experience all along the case, by

  • explaining facts and language,
  • pointing out the key issues,
  • helping write the claim,
  • guiding the discovery and explaining the discovered documents,
  • writing an unbiased report,
  • rebutting the opposite party’s argument
  • and eventually, testifying in court.

Navesink International works on questions related to investments (quantitative/technical investments, hedge funds), often around questions of options, option strategy, structured products. Navesink typically explains the positions, the risks and the responsibilities of a given trade / portfolio manager.

Our clients are securities litigation attorneys, aka litigators for the securities industry. Our  clients’ clients are either individuals, investment companies or regulators, who are either plaintiffs or defendants, and are typically involved in trading losses, complex securities, or in the inappropriate uses of derivatives.

Do reach out to us, if you have issues or questions around a case. We look forward to speaking with you.

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