The expert witness understands and explains complex issues

The expert witness helps “the trier of facts” in interrogatories, document discoveries, deposition preparations, testimonies and court proceedings.

  • The expert witness’s testimony will often “make or break” a complicated case, where technical knowledge is critical. 
  • The expert will guide the attorney in the every critical aspects of the case. This starts before claims have been filed. It will continue through drafting interrogatories and request for document production, reviews of documents, argumentation construction, question drafting, as well as testimony and depositions.
  • The expert will spot where the standards and practices have been violated, or will highlight the weakness of an argumentation.
  • Litigation attorneys need an expert witness who understands the complex issues involved and who, most importantly, can explain these issues in simple terms to a jury or panel.

It is also recommended to take your expert to depositions and trial, as 

  • The competent and capable expert will pick up on professional jargon.
  • The competent and capable expert will expose limited explanations
  • The competent and capable expert will dissect opposing testimony.
  • The competent and capable expert will suggest questions. 

Finally, a good expert witness will change the impression left by the opposing side. A good expert is not just competent. His communication skills, extraversion, confidence and backgroundcan influence as much (if not more) as the strength of his argument.




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