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The pros and cons of crypto markets (vs. regulated markets)

There are structural issues in both the crypto and regulated worlds. But how deep and how frequent are they? Here is a review of Cryptos’ pros and cons.


The dark web’s regulator

The Cybercriminal underground community has a regulating authority!
It uses disciplinary procedures to reduce the risk for the overall community.


The hidden costs of the new Bitcoin ETF

Heavy demand for the first bitcoin ETF, which was listed yesterday.
But be wary of hidden costs. BITO is an expensive ETF to carry.


The world’s largest Ponzi is bursting – the Evergrande default

Evergrande, China’s second largest real estate, will default on bond payments in the coming days. The company, bloated with $300 bn of debt, is typical of the $62 trillion Chinese real estate sector.
Evergrande’ s default may bring the sector and the Chinese economy down with it.


A Fed Cryptocurrency?

A few interesting comments from Fed officials about the likelihood of a US CBDC (a Central Bank Digital Currency would be fungible into our daily US dollar).

Pandora papers – Panama papers on steroids

“Pandora papers”. The name will make thousands of influential people shake in their boots. The new trove of leaked private financial records is the largest ever. It throws light on the world of hidden offshore accounts. Again.


SEC charging option traders for arbing the maker-taker model

Option traders were charged by the SEC for ‘painting the tape’ on meme stock options after arbitraging exchanges on their Maker-Taker model. Explanations.


How about using options for your next insider trades?

Somebody gave you an insider tip and you want to use options? Think again.
The SEC sees you coming. Good luck justifying yourself to a jury. The stick will hurt.

Stefan He Qin

Cryptocrook: 7½ years of jail. More like him to come.

You remember our cryptocrook? Quant WizKid, market-neutral hedge fund, Cryptocurrency arbitrage great returns, $90m AUM… Except that it was a Ponzi.
His sentence just came out: 7½ years of jail. Here are the explanation & the context.

Why is Goldman getting into BNPL?

Goldman is paying $2.24 bn in stock to acquire GreenSky, another Buy-Now-Pay-Later provider, at a 50% premium.
Why pay such a premium?


Insider trading, Mr. Branson?

Virgin Galactic’s successful flight may have brought joy to Mr. Branson, but it will also bring some after-party headaches.
The entrepreneur and space explorer is accused of basic earthly financial misgivings for this same flight – a pretty serious insider trading issue.


Infinity Q is a warning to investors

Investors are not happy with Infinity-Q, the derivatives hedge fund that had a slight ‘mismarking’ and is now in a wind-down. We’ve learnt a few more things since the announcement.

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