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Dogecoin Rap unwrap – social media push crypto to a new high price.

Dogecoin Rap unwrap – social media push crypto to a new high price.

The Dogecoin Rap video is funny and right on cue, if you listen carefully. But crypto can only go up via social media advertising, experts say.

We have seen such exuberance in the past. But now the GameStop Redditors who bankrupted hedge funds say that Dogecoin is next.

It very much looks like a “pump”, as in “pump-and-dump”.

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The revenge of the retail trader

The revenge of the retail trader

GameStop’s rally and its short squeeze are more than just market exuberance. Thanks to low-cost trading, employees working from home, and a Fed-induced market rally, retail traders are pushing the market to new highs and enjoying the excitement of the rally. Worse, social media allow them to focus on a few instruments, with wild rallies.
It is only a matter of time before this party is over, for this stock or the market. We should start thinking of the aftermath.

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France declares second national lockdown

France declares second national lockdown

No benefit in being alarmist, and there are far too many people talking about COVID than needed. But the markets remain ‘truth midwives”, and today’s market fall is explained by these points:
– The resurgence covid resurgence is much larger this Fall than it was in Spring.
– Europe (not just France), needs to re-instore solid prophylactic measures. There are now curfews in large French cities.
– While Europe is in a second wave, whose roots probably come from frustration and the abnormal strength of this virus, the US is still in its first wave. The recent US resurgence is only the virus reaching states, which it had not yet infected. There’s probably worse to come in the US.

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Allianz Fund Collapse Ends With Guilty Plea, $5.8 Billion Payout

Allianz Structured Alpha funds lost $7 billion of investor money in March 2020.
Gregoire Tournant, the portfolio manager, has been arrested.
The firm pleads guilty and will pay $5.8 in fines and restitutions.


Panel Ponzi Prison – Epilogue

Follow-up to the Solar panel lending Ponzi: the CFO got his own 6 years in the clink.
Les bénéfices ça se divise, la réclusion ça s’additionne.

What statisics say about hedge fund fraud and tsarist regimes

Alternatives are complex and opaque. requiring both investment and operational due diligence.
New technologies now permit investment analysis, fraud detection, and operational risk measurement.


Barclay’s $600 m ETN blunder

Barclays has announced a loss of GBP 450m related to the sale suspension of OIL and VXX two weeks ago. The operational blunder is impressive.


RIP, Russian stocks

MSCI is removing the Russian stock index at zero, implicitly valuing the entire Russian equity market at nil. And it is correct.
Russian stocks are literally worth nothing.


Credit Suisse destroys evidence of oligarch yacht loans

Credit Suisse is taking advantage of the situation in Ukraine to eliminate evidence related to the Russian oligarchs’ tax evasion (money laundering?).


Why Bitcoin is not Russia’s salvation from sanctions?

Why isn’t Bitcoin/Blockchain Russia’s salvation from sanctions?
Many people are posting that Bitcoin and blockchain are somehow a solution for sanctions.
Below are reasons for why that line of thinking is not realistic.


Russia’s Sberbank is defaulting in Europe

With massive withdrawals and no central bank to come to its rescue, Sberbank Europe is defaulting.
Its London-listed stock is down 70%. The holding is owned in majority by the Russian government.


No plan ever survives contact with the enemy. Right, Vlad?

Putin’s blitzkrieg plans for a regime change have met an efficient defense. He lacks air superiority and his logistics are deficient. His panzers have stopped. Most cities are under Ukrainian control. Meanwhile, international sanctions are swifter and much heavier than expected. He has protesters at home.
Did he get into an expensive quagmire?


The world’s dirtiest money, welcomed by Credit Suisse. Again.

A major leak has just revealed the details of 18,000 private accounts and $100 billion held at Credit Suisse.
The owners include the Who’s Who of corrupt politicians, money launderers, and warmongers.
“How many rogue bankers do you need to have before you start having a rogue bank?”


If Putin wanted peace, we would have it by now.

If Putin wanted peace, we would have it by now.


Another Ponzi style – Movie production

$700,000 on decorating, $345,000 on jets and yachts, $136,000 on casinos and nightclubs, $6.9 m in credit card payments…
The licensing rights didn’t exist. It was a movie rights Ponzi scheme. $690 millions of it.
As usual, many victims are middle-class and retirees, who are now in dire need.

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