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A Fault at FINRA?

A Fault at FINRA?

“It’s unconscionable that FINRA would stack the deck against American investors”, says PIABA, the plaintiff attorney association.
A judge has excoriated FINRA for having helped Wells Fargo manipulate the arbitrator selection, and letting the arbitration panel take away a plaintiff’s due process.

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Ludicrously lucrative timing

The CFTC just fined Goldman for failure to properly disclose prices fairly to clients.
And it’s all about a technical issue related to the timing of international swaps.


Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) defaulted on Friday. At $212 bn of assets, it is the largest failure since 2008, and probably one of the fastest – it went from rumor to belly-up in only two days.
Here is the explanation, and the first questions.

inancial Professionals Coalition

The Financial Professionals Coalition has launched

The financial industry is a legal and compliance minefield for its million+ members.
Through the Financial Professionals Coalition, Stephen Kohn, Bill Singer, and a talented group of co-founders offer free guidance and help to navigate its challenges.

China’s declining economy

Xi Jinping’s new leadership team will maintain the current direction.
And China’s GDP will slow; the Chinese economy is unlikely to reach that of the US by 2060, if ever.

Johnson & Johnson and a New War on Consumer Protection

Johnson & Johnson has spent billions on cases about one of its most popular products – talcum powder.
As its executives try a brazen new legal strategy to stop the litigation, corporate America takes note.

Sir Anthony Ritossa, family office conman

Swank settings, glittering names, trillions of wealth… the Global Family Office Summits were a con man’s works of art. How ‘Sir’ Ritossa has bilked the aspiring famous for years.

“Ritossa puts on fake family office events where a lot of people turn up who don’t have capital to invest — but very much want people to think they do — while genuine entrepreneurs and fund managers are being hustled into giving Ritossa and his company fees.”

Banking on a bank bankruptcy?

Lot of rumors during the weekend of a major bank going bust in a new Lehman instant. The fingers are pointing at Credit Suisse.
Indeed the bank’s CDS is high and its stock price is low. But are we at bankruptcy level yet? The Financial Times objects.

The Axis of Authoritarians isn’t doing too well…

Ukraine’s military successes are causing quite a stir among its main opponents. Russia is facing protests and an exodus after mobilizing, Iranian women are protesting and China’s Xi Jinping would have been deposed.
The Axis of Authoritarians isn’t doing too well…

How to retire from banking, work part time and earn $700 an hour

Why leave a banking career for expert witnessing?
The role brings intellectual stimulation. It is an excellent leverage of your expertise, experience or academia. The tasks are diverse, interesting and challenging.
“You work with professionals who are truly competent and skilled. There is always more to learn. You are a piece in a game of 3D chess, and there is a real satisfaction when the client wins his/her case.”

Fighting inflation: Finance professor says budgeting is key

Dr. William Procasky, Navesink International’s credit and derivatives expert, was recently interviewed by Kill-TV in Corpus Christi, TX on the subject of inflation.

Ship wreck

The Russian Economy Is Tanking

Russian economic statistics are not reliable anymore, but Yale academics have recalculated key metrics. The result is clear. The economic sanctions are crushing the Russian economy.
Based on that research, Foreign Policy journalists are debunking nine key propaganda myths about Russia’s economic strength.

Falling dominoes

More crypto dominoes are falling

Voyager Digital, the crypto execution broker, has just filed for bankruptcy.
Add this failure to the list of cascading failures in the digital space.
Unfortunately, with no regulation and capital buffers, more dominoes will fall, and with little recourse for the other players.

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