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Fridges are the new rocket science

Fridges are the new rocket science

Fridges are the new rocket science… IBM’s target of a million-qubit requires the biggest and coolest fridge ever.

The article is also a good overview of where quantum computers are, and where they will be. Quantum computers will be exponentially better at some tasks, but not at all tasks. Excel will still run on your desktop; high-dimensional problems (investments! back-tests! optimizations!) would fit well in quantum computers. The next generation of software will separate tasks and send them to either/or, thanks to cloud-based quantum capacity.

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France declares second national lockdown

France declares second national lockdown

No benefit in being alarmist, and there are far too many people talking about COVID than needed. But the markets remain ‘truth midwives”, and today’s market fall is explained by these points:
– The resurgence covid resurgence is much larger this Fall than it was in Spring.
– Europe (not just France), needs to re-instore solid prophylactic measures. There are now curfews in large French cities.
– While Europe is in a second wave, whose roots probably come from frustration and the abnormal strength of this virus, the US is still in its first wave. The recent US resurgence is only the virus reaching states, which it had not yet infected. There’s probably worse to come in the US.

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Mind the Gap: Diversification and inequality

Mind the Gap: Diversification and inequality

Simple and interesting reading. Imagine we all started in life with the same wealth and randomly generated profits by trading with each other. The first winners benefit from diversification, and tend to increase their wealth.
=> A fair economy naturally converges towards an unequal society.
In other words, even with equal skills and no inheritance, some of us will become the 1%. By pure luck.

That would have been a touchy Thanksgiving topic…

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How about using options for your next insider trades?

Somebody gave you an insider tip and you want to use options? Think again.
The SEC sees you coming. Good luck justifying yourself to a jury. The stick will hurt.

Stefan He Qin

Cryptocrook: 7½ years of jail. More like him to come.

You remember our cryptocrook? Quant WizKid, market-neutral hedge fund, Cryptocurrency arbitrage great returns, $90m AUM… Except that it was a Ponzi.
His sentence just came out: 7½ years of jail. Here are the explanation & the context.


Insider trading, Mr. Branson?

Virgin Galactic’s successful flight may have brought joy to Mr. Branson, but it will also bring some after-party headaches.
The entrepreneur and space explorer is accused of basic earthly financial misgivings for this same flight – a pretty serious insider trading issue.


The long term expected value of your ETNs is zero

UBS got flack for recommending VIX ETFs to its clients. This suitability case has in fact deep roots in a significant ETF classification challenge: many product databases are mishandling the wide diversity of ETNs. Significant litigation is to be expected as a result.

Golden Clink – Spoofing doesn’t pay

When you are spoofing gold futures, don’t brag about it in chat rooms.
A few gold futures traders got one year in the clink for market manipulation.

usinesspeople grabbing money

Cum/Ex is officially a money grab

The German Supreme Court has made it official; the Cum/Ex was not a loophole but a blatant money grab.
The two Warburg executives can expect jail time, and their firm a bankruptcy.
Many others will follow.


SOFR has a term structure now.

The ARRC has recommended the CME’s methodology to calculate a term structure for SOFR. This is big news.
This article explains SOFR’s weaknesses, what a term structure is, why we need one and how the CME calculates its own.

Transfer pricing, hedge fund edition

In a new version of the transfer pricing strategy, Tom Sandell virtually relocated his hedge fund from New York to Florida to avoid NY tax liabilities on his deferred comp.
The story didn’t finish well. A whistleblower and the NY AG forced him to cough up $105m.


LIBOR: the most important number in the world is going away

LIBOR, the most important number in the world, had a good run for the last 50 years, but it is going away.
SOFR, its replacement, is not subject to manipulations but has a host of problems.
The transition is difficult.


Bye-bye, bitcoin: It’s time to ban cryptocurrencies

Not all central bankers and diplomats have a good opinion of cryptocurrencies.
They are assessing their costs & benefits through articles in prime newspapers.
One diplomat/economist just called for their outright ban.


Visualized: The Biggest Ponzi Schemes in Modern History

A summary of the largest Ponzi schemes in history, with a visualization that is a pleasure to the eyes.


The SEC’s specious space SPAC

The Momentus / Stable Road merger is the epitome of what can go wrong with SPACs. It is a story of dreams, greed, and lies.
The SEC made an example out of it. The plaintiff law firms are jumping on the bandwagon too.

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