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Non-Fungible Tokens in Non-Fungible Markets

Non-Fungible Tokens in Non-Fungible Markets

Non-Fungible Tokens are the new asset class of digital art, and the spearhead of ‘decentralized finance’. Can with reconcile innovation with good sense? NFTs with regulations?

This article reviews their nature, their legal & regulatory difficulties, pinpoints extreme examples, highlights their volatility and more importantly, asks how a digital economy could be constructed around these loosely regulated assets.

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The hidden $11 Tn hedge fund industry

$11 Trillions worth of hedge funds, half the industry, is barely disclosing any information to the general public. The SEC, which already has valuable information on this well-performing universe, is requesting more disclosure in their Forms PF.


Consulting Agreement: Well Wishes for 2022

Navesink International [Company] and all of its financial market professionals [altogether Experts] will be providing you [Reader] well wishes for 2022.
Topics covered in the services may include health, prosperity, happiness and joy, or any other positively connotated matter.


Another Ponzi style – silver trading

Yet another Ponzi, this time with silver trading.
Gaylen Rust from the Rust Rare Coin company, may spend the next 19 year in prison for a $200m Ponzi fraud spanning two decades.


NatWest Pleads Guilty to Manipulating Treasury Markets

NatWest has admitted to market manipulation to the SEC.
The guilty admission will cost much more than the $35m fine.
It may become the SEC’s new policy.


Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) attracts regulators

The party is still going, but the band’s tune has changed.
Regulators are investigating the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) industry.


Evergrande has defaulted. Now what?

China Evergrande Group has officially defaulted on $82 m of coupons.
Kaisa Group failed to repay a $400 m bond a few days before.
What happens now?


How to Lose $2 Billion in 10 Years: Unpaid Bills Pile Up for Former Hedge-Fund Star

You always see the glitz around hedge fund portfolio managers – the parties, the mansions, the cars and the boats.
It’s not always like that. This WSJ article reveals quite a story of rags-to-riches.


D.A. Vance: Michael Steinhardt Surrenders 180 Stolen Antiquities Valued at $70 Million

Art is an expression of beauty, proficiency, creativity, or emotions.
It is also an asset class and an investment.
Like all investments, art has its fraudsters.


Are we ready to die for Dantzig?

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Luckily, the human race learns a few things sometimes.
We certainly need those lessons to handle the current Ukrainian situation.


The Turkish Lira keeps on falling

The intervention orchestrated by the Turkish Central Bank to sustain the Lira has turned ineffective. The Lira fell further.
Erdogan has therefore replaced his finance minister with an even more loyal executive.


Turkey’s fall

The Turkish Lira is free falling. It has been weakening for years (from parity to 12 TRY to the dollar), but the 15% fall on Tuesday is causing a lot of pain and concerns.
It could be intentional.


The Rise of Money Launderers on Snapchat and Instagram

An interesting British documentary about how money mules are recruited by larger money launderers, and how easy it is to lure young people into crime for a few grands.

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