William Procasky, CFA, Ph.D., an authority on commodities, credit and derivatives

Dr. William Procasky is an expert witness and legal consultant and an authority in commodities and derivatives trading, credit derivatives, risks and their valuations.

Dr. William J. Procasky, CFA has 25 years of professional experience in financial derivatives, credit default swaps, commodity supply and trading, energy structured finance and large and middle market corporate banking.

He was Chief Credit Officer for the largest natural gas derivative trader in North America where he built a robust risk management and control framework, and has worked closely with energy and other industry borrowers on a wide variety of derivative, loan and asset backed structures. He has extensive experience with futures, options, swaps, collars and other more exotic forms of derivatives.

Dr. Procasky has also taught university-level finance and derivatives courses at AACSB accredited institutions and his research on derivatives and other finance related subjects has been published in respected journals, including CFA Digest, Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Financial Markets, Journal of Alternative Investments and the Journal of Emerging Market Finance. He also has presented his work at numerous international, national and regional conferences and received several awards, including a Best Paper Award at the 2021 Southwestern Finance Association Conference.

Areas of expertise

Natural gas and trading

  • Commodity supply and trading, natural gas trading, energy finance, corporate banking
  • Energy derivatives, derivative trading, derivative hedging
  • Futures, options, swaps

Credit and derivatives

  • Credit default swaps, CDS indices
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives
  • Interest rate derivatives
  • Derivative valuation
  • Derivative credit risk, risk management
  • ISDAs and CSAs
  • Financial derivatives

Professional Organizations


Litigation support

Dr. Procasky’s services are available to attorneys representing plaintiff and defendant and include consulting, written reports, deposition, arbitration, and trial testimony as needed.

William Procasky

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