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SEC’s former whistleblowing chief sues the SEC for changes to the whistleblowing program

SEC’s former whistleblowing chief sues the SEC for changes to the whistleblowing program

Jordan A. Thomas, the former whistleblower program manager at the SEC, as well as a leading plaintiff attorney, is suing the SEC for changes to the program.
This article explains what the SEC whistleblowing program is, why it is so successful, and why you should consider it if you see fraud or crime.

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My grateful thanks to Gary Cohen, financier and social media extraordinaire

My grateful thanks to Gary Cohen, financier and social media extraordinaire

My grateful appreciation to a new friend/my friend Gary Cohen (https://lnkd.in/gzE3Nvj) for his time, his efforts, as well as his top digital media skills who helped me recreate the Navesink International website and optimized it from an old-world static site into a new world WordPress site. Gary brings together a 1st class financial background, well-honed management skills, professionalism, and true digital optimization/social media know-how. Thanks to his expertise and continued efforts, Navesink International now has a dynamic & flexible website (https://lnkd.in/eq8vGgP), as well as a blog (this post refers to / is on the blog), where I will share my thoughts and observations.

It has been a pleasure to work with him during the many late evenings of this journey, and we both look forward to finally meeting in person when COVID times end. If you are looking for an experienced leader to optimize or digitize your financial services business, reach out to Gary. I am sure you will be happy you did.

Finally, you can subscribe to the Navesink News Blog to receive email notifications of new posts so you never miss out.

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The many unsolved issues of the Christmas Brexit deal

The many unsolved issues of the Christmas Brexit deal

“It ain’t over till it’s over”, said the baseball legend Yogi Berra. And Brexit is surely not over with this Christmas deal. Many issues remain unsolved.

This article sums up the main issues picked up by analysts and journalists, of which:
– Manufacturing trade deficit,
– Services,
– Red tape,
– Visas and life abroad, Erasmus,
– Immigration,
– Other trade agreements,
– The risk of the UK breaking up.

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The CFTC goes after foreign bribery actors

The CFTC goes after foreign bribery actors

Corruption has a new enforcement agency. The CFTC announced in March 2019 that it would start enforcing the FCPA, and it effectively delivered with a $95m enforcement against Vitol, the Swiss energy firm, for bribes paid in Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico.
“The misuse of nonpublic information provided the CFTC with a hook in the Vitol case. In the CFTC’s order, the firm was accused of bribing officials at Brazil’s national oil company, Petróleo Brasileiro SA (https://lnkd.in/gU9BjjP), to get inside information that included weekly reports on production volume and anticipated imports.”
Basically, Vitol bribed Petrobras for confidential information in the company’s business auction. It then used this ‘golden number’ to manipulate the fuel-oil benchmarks from S&P to make the competitors’ bids less valuable.

As usual, Vitol “neither admitted to nor denied the CFTC’s market manipulation findings in its settlement”…

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The Brexit deal brings no special treat to the UK’s financial sector

The Brexit deal brings no special treat to the UK’s financial sector

While economists and journalists pour into the 1,200+ pages of the Brexit treaty and its long-term impact, the financial services are already seen as the big missing part.

The UK has one of the largest financial sectors in Europe, representing 2 million jobs, 12% of the country’s GDP, and 50% of its trade surplus. As of Jan 1st, 2021, UK-based financial institutions will lose automatic access to the EU’s single market. Losing its main market will impact not only its activities but also its international attractiveness.

“The City of London finance hub secured no special treatment, leaving it on a par with arch-rival New York 3,500 miles away as the EU seeks to reduce reliance on UK financial services.”

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Fifty years of tax cuts for rich didn’t trickle down, LSE says

Fifty years of tax cuts for rich didn’t trickle down, LSE says

That will not be to everybody’s taste…
A study from the London School of Economics of 18 OECD countries over the last 50 years confirms that reducing taxes only impacts those directly touched by the tax, and has no benefit to anyone else. Tax cuts increase inequality with no impact on economic growth and unemployment.
In an environment where debt has been raising and the pandemic costs need to be financed, the study confirms that taxes can be used without impacting the economy.

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4.25% repo on 10Y and other volatility warnings

This week saw some really unusual moves, 10Y repo, intraday volatility, stock rotations, A harbinger of more volatility to come?

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T+1 ?

Should US stocks settle T+1? The current T+2 settlement date is considered antiquated, and the Robinhood affair (gee, them again???) has relaunched the debate. Here is a review of the DTCC’s proposal, as well as an idea for derivatives traders.

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Adult supervision needed in the crypto trading rooms

The SEC and the NY AG are suing CoinSeed for lack of registrations and multiple other counts. That’s a cold shower for the crypto industry. Spoiler alert: adult supervision is needed.

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Geode hedge fund, loses big on volatility bets during COVID

Geode handles $700 bn of Fidelity’s index tracking assets. Geode Diversified, the much smaller hedge fund business, took a 36% loss on COVID’s volatility rally. It is now getting the axe.

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Infinity Q, the new variance swap skeleton?

Infinity Q may be the new variance swap skeleton. The New York hedge fund has just been suspended by the SEC pending valuation of its variance swaps and its full liquidation.
The fund’s main investor is handling the fund, while the founder is on administrative leave.

Railway Tracks

Should index providers have oversight?

There are complex indices behind trillions of dollars in ETFs and passive funds. Their providers do investment research. They have discretion in inclusions. They suggest indices and strategies to asset managers. Their decisions move markets. When they fail to calculate correctly, investors lose millions.

Should those ‘data providers’ become ‘investment advisors’? The SEC is considering it. Two academics explain why and how this should be implemented.

Lion mirror cat

Roaring Kitty is a Wall Street lion

The first GameStop (GME) lawsuit is out. ‘Roaring Kitty’, the redittor who started the frenzy, the modern Robin Hood who went after the hedge funds villains, the David fighting the short-selling Goliath, is actually a Wall Street lion himself.

This post explains Keith Gill’s actions, his investment and his supervisory background, and the responsibility of his employer, as they are stated in the class action lawsuit. We ask questions and ponder the long-term consequences.

Grandma ate the wolves

The billionaire matriarch of the Schottenstein family was being taken advantage by her own two grandsons. So grandma ate the wolves.

She brought her two JP Morgan bankers to FINRA and obtained the largest award since 2018 – $19 millons. The post explains the case.

Old clamp

Are the Robinhood traders going after the VIX?

‘When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results.” Warren Buffett

Three good notes from the derivatives research teams of Morgan Stanley, Société Générale, and Nomura point to a potential squeeze in the VIX, as a result of the increasing retail activism. This technical post explains the contents of the research papers. Spoiler alert, yes, the VIX is prone to a squeeze.

The high price of free trade

Free doesn’t mean without cost. Payment For Order Flow brings benefits to the public, but there are drawbacks to this new execution approach.

This article explains what Payment For Order Flow is, the role of the market-makers, as well as the benefits and the drawbacks of the approach. It highlights the difficulty that SEC will meet in smoothing out those issues.

Paul Mora Interpol

Paul Mora receives the first Interpol warrant in the Cum/Ex tax trading strategy

The first Interpol warrant has been issued in the Cum/Ex tax trading case.

Paul Mora, looked for by Germany, Denmark, and Belgium, is currently in New Zealand. Mr. Mora said that “he would skip his tax fraud trial because of New Zealand’s low Covid-19 infection rate and argued that he wouldn’t get a fair hearing in Germany.”


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