Spontaneous comments from investment professionals & clients, posted with their consent:

° "You have been a consummate professional and I hope to work with you in the coming months."
   A. S., Senior Managing Director, Toronto, Sept 2015
° "Great conversation! - thanks for your good will."
   M. T., Managing partner, Tampa, FL, Oct 2015
° "Thanks again, I respect the way you do business -- as far as I'm concerned, there aren't too many folks to whom I can say that."
   K. H., General partner and Portfolio Manager, Wynnewood, PA, Oct 2015
° "Thank you. You work is amazing!"
   V. D., Quant PM, NY, Feb 2016
° "I was very impressed with your professionalism and knowledge of the business, and you sit on the very top of my list of investment professional consultant I want to do business with."
   B. W., Senior Trader, New York, Oct 2015
° "Thanks! I now understand what you meant by providing detailed feedback. They are very helpful."
   L. H., Portfolio Manager, New York, Sept 2015
° "Thanks for your patience and consideration. I leant a precious lesson. (...)
Really appreciate your patience and time. Wish you all the best!"
   F. W., Quantitative Research Analyst, Brooklyn, NY, Nov 2015
° "Thank you for your response (just before the Holidays). (...) I appreciate you making the effort to get back to me."
    E. K., Equity Option & Arbitrage Trader, Vancouver, Jan 2016
° "Thanks a lot for your professional handling. Really appreciate."
   R. X., Researcher, Jersey City, NJ, Jan 2016
° "Thank you. I felt you were worth waiting on before I made a final decision, and I do appreciate your honesty and quick response. (...) I also will make sure to recommend you to any friends or ex-colleagues who are talented quant traders or PM's. "
   B. W., Senior Trader, New York, Oct 2015