Financial training and education

Navesink International provides capital markets, asset management and derivative education to satisfy a variety of needs.

Education is an important component of risk management and efficiency in any financial entity. Our expert regularly conduct educational presentation for boards and/or executive staff, including production of customized written educational materials.

Topics range from specific (derivatives, options, risks, excel...) to general (financial instruments and markets). Specific content can be developed upon request.


We count the following educational partners among our clients.

    Our faculty brings over 1000 years collective experience in the market and over 600 years collective experience in the classroom. In the last 15 years, we have delivered over 900,000 learner hours and trained over 150,000 individuals.
  Moody's Analytics   Moody’s Analytics offers a wide range of immersive training programs for retail and commercial bankers. Our deep risk expertise, expansive resources and innovative application of technology help you confidently navigate an evolving marketplace. We create confidence in thousands of organizations worldwide with our commitment to excellence, open mindset approach and focus on meeting customer needs.
    Training and Consulting Consortium (TCC) provides centralized resources for connecting independent trainers and consultants with training organizations, consulting groups, and corporations in need of training and consulting services.
    An XP3RT exhibits three traits: eXpertise, eXperience, eXcellence.